Masha Schmidt, artist, stage designer, production designer for cinema, participant of numerous international art projects.

Masha Schmidt was born in Moscow. She graduated from the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design and Applied Arts, then left for France, where she continued her education at the Paris National Academy of Arts and at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Sorbonne. She lives and works in Paris.

Painting is the core of the professional activities of Masha Schmidt.
She collaborates with a number of European galleries and constantly participates in personal and collective art shows in France and abroad.
In addition, Masha is involved in scenography and costume design for the theatre (France, Switzerland), and also participates in international film projects as an art director.
Masha also leads and develops a series of educational experimental art programs for the Academy of Arts and schools.
Masha Schmidt's recent major projects include both painting and monumental

Selected Collections / Partners
Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Russia)
ST-ART, International Contemporary Art Fair , Strasbourg (France)
Victoria Contemporary Art Center, Bucharest (Romania)
Garikula , Contemporary Art Center (Georgia)
Alliance Française Foundation Paris (France)
Museum of Modern Art of Cherkasy (Ukraine)
Museum of Modern Art of Bogota (Colombia)
Museum of Art, Manama (Bahrain)
Il Fiore Foundation, Florence (Italy)
Contemporary Art Foundation “DRAC” (France)
Festival “Nord Magnetic” (France-Belgium)
National Art Heritage Foundation (France)
Museum of Art of the 20 th –21 st Centuries, St. Petersburg (Russia), etc.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 — Noelle Aleyne Gallery, Paris (France)
2010 — Drouart Gallery, Paris (France)
2011 — Foundation “Il Fiore”, Florence (Italy)
2011 — “Bora-Baden” Gallery, Nancy (France)
2011 — Saphir Gallery, Paris (France)
2012 — “Time”, Blanc Manteaux Center for Contemporary Art, Paris (France)
2012 — Saphir Gallery, Paris (France)
2013 — Monumental installation “Faces”, the festival of contemporary art “Nord Magnetic” (Belgium-France)
2013 — Noelle Aleyne Gallery, Paris (France)
2013 — “Russian World” Gallery, Paris (France)
2013 — Monumental installations “Faces” and “Walk of the King”, “Maisons-Laffitte” (France)
2014 — Noelle Aleyne Gallery, Paris (France)
2014 — I-Gallery, Paris (France)
2014 — La Valse Gallery, Paris (France)
2014–2017 — Collaboration with the high fashion brand “Dormeuil”, Paris (France)
2015 — Installation “Variations”, “Il Fiore” Foundation, Florence (Italy)
2015 — Installation “Wave”, the festival of contemporary art “Art and Psychiatry”, Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France)
2015 — Monumental installation “Faces”, the center of modern art “Garikula” (Georgia)
2015 — Monumental installation “Faces”, Argenton-les-Valais (France)
2016 — De Buci Gallery, Paris (France)
2016 — Charactère Gallery, Paris (France)
2016 — “Through the Water”, Center for Contemporary Art, St.Merri Cathedral, Paris (France)
2017 — Monumental installation “Faces”, Vernouillet (France)
2017 — “The Last Supper” and 15 canvases “Stations of the Cross”, Church of Jean Baptiste, Plessis-Trevise (France)
2017 — Aurea Pluvia, Noelle Aleyne Gallery, Paris (France)
2018 — I-Gallery, Paris (France)
2018 — “Outside the Walls”, Unique Gallery, Paris (France)
2018 — “Memory Cards” installation for “Art and Psychiatry” contemporary art festival, Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France)
2018 — Monumental installation “Faces”, Aniane (France)
2019 — I-Gallery, Paris (France)
2021 — "Secret dream" installation at Lille-Flandre, "ART et PSY" contemporary art
festival, (France)
2021 — "Sky is the limit" ARTSTORY gallery, Moscow (Russia)

Selected Collective Exhibitions
2008 — “Art Manege” Art Fair, Moscow (Russia)
2009 — “Alliance Francaise”, museums of contemporary art (France, Italy, Bahrain,
Ukraine, Colombia, etc.)
2009 — De l'urbain à l'humain, Blanc Manteaux Center for Contemporary Art, Paris
2010 — “Born in the USSR”, Blanc Manteaux Center for Contemporary Art, Paris (France)
2011 — “ST-ART”, the international contemporary art fair, Strasbourg (France)
2014 — “The Front of Contemporary Art”, Center for Contemporary Art, Charenton
2016 — De Buci Gallery, Paris (France)
2016 — “Supervisions”, Victoria Contemporary Art Center, Bucharest (Romania)
2016 — “Supervisions”, Noelle Aleyne Gallery, Paris (France)
2019 — “French Artists”, Museum of Art of the 20 th –21 st Centuries, St. Petersburg (Russia)
2021 — "Art Moscow" Art Fair, Moscow (Russia)
Scenography / Theater
1988 — Sketches for the play “Moon Blues”, Mossovet Theater, Moscow (Russia)
1988–1989 — “Theater Bus”, Moscow (Russia)
1995 — “Breasts of Tiresias”, assistant, Opera Bastille Theater, Paris (France)
1996 — “The Learned Ladies”, assistant, Comedy FrancaiseTheater, Paris (France)
2004 — “Three days of rain”, Du Loup Theater , Geneva (Switzerland)
2005 — “Snakes”, De Poche Theater, Geneva (Switzerland)
2006 — “Death and the Maiden”, the Grutli Theater, Geneva (Switzerland)
2007 — “Chocolate Eaters”, De Poche Theater, Geneva (Switzerland)
2007 — “The Last Days of Humanity”, Grutli Theater, Geneva (Switzerland)
2008 — “Masquerade”, Small Theater, Lausanne (Switzerland)
2009 — “Matrimonial Suite with Sea View”, Passage Theater, Neuchatel (Switzerland)
2009 — “Tsim-Tsum”, Theater De Poche, Geneva (Switzerland)
2010 — “Merlin, or the Wasted Land”, Du Loup Theater, Geneva (Switzerland)
2010 — “Bérangère”, 2–21 Theater, Lausanne (Switzerland)
2015 — “Betrayal,” Orangerie Theater, Geneva (Switzerland)

1996 — Participation in the creation of sketches for the scenery of the film ”Tango Lesson”, S. Potter (UK)
2000 — Sketches for a series of short films by A. Mazel (France)
2002 — Sketches for a series of short films by D. Tanovich for the Benetton group (Italy)
2003 — “Love Express”, production designer, director E. Hazanova (Switzerland-France-Russia)
2005 — “Translator”, production designer, director E. Hazanova (Switzerland-France-Russia)
2012 — Author"s film “Giving Time to Time” (France)
2015 — Sketches for the film “Puppet Syndrome”, directed by E. Hazanova (Switzerland-Germany-Russia)
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